i need help with my college essay

Brainstorm an anecdote that can introduce the main point of your essay (like a game of Bananagrams introduced Merchant’s love of words). Every undergraduate can get excellent help with a college essay. Please don’t put yourself at risk for plagiarism. The introduction should introduce not only the topic of the essay, but also your unique and authentic voice. 940 25th St. NW Suite 103 Washington, DC 20037, Sign up for the The Admissions Strategist newsletter to get the latest information on college and career success, Wondering how to start a college essay?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Stay on track and ease your anxiety with our second-to-none college application assistance. Some even offer special offers to those who need their help with essay writing help and are willing to pay a fee. Is it true that a Stanford applicant couldn’t read in eighth grade? This first sentence should provide rich details, engage a reader’s curiosity, or otherwise stand out from the rest. After the initial grabber (or sometimes as part of the initial grabber), it’s a good idea to include a vivid anecdote. That’s certainly not many words for such an important piece of writing, so it’s necessary for you to keep the essay introduction brief. How can you make the admissions officer want to really pay attention and read closely? What are the main points you want to make? I’m sure the person posting this has good intentions, but OP I would not give your essays to anyone on this subreddit you don’t know. Have a friend or teacher review the essay. As he turns to your application, he wants to read a well-written, engaging essay. Make sure you also include plenty of specific, descriptive adjectives. In the sample introduction written by Shaan Merchant, he incorporated impressive words like “biogeochemical,” “parantha,” and later, “donnybrook.”. (Stanford), There is a hefty blue book in my bookcase that is older than any other book in my house. Explain what personal qualities or traits this … Essay Service Review - Finding The Right Service For Your Essays. The admissions officer will be thankful for your refreshingly creative college essay introduction. Have a friend or relative with excellent grammar skills look over the essay, or ask your English teacher if he or she would take a look. And I mean like... hella help. Essays are 25% of your application Grades alone won’t get you accepted to your dream school. You need to get to the “meat” of the essay as quickly as possible. Hey there, I'm a bot and something you said made me think you might be looking for help! But you can spend your time focusing on other things. Asking someone who has experience writing college essays will give you the right guidance you need. This is often easier to do if you go back and write the introduction last. With this brief sentence, Merchant explains what personal qualities are illustrated by his anecdote, as well as telling readers what the rest of the essay will be about. This isn’t a necessity, but a short, intriguing opening sentence can be especially powerful. In addition to making the essay topic clear to the reader, this type of sentence highlights excellent thinking skills. When writing the first draft of your essay, it’s OK to go over the word count by 200-300 words. We can also relieve the stress of having to cope with guidelines and …

For example, it’s not necessary to write, “My volunteer work with blood drives, nursing homes, and mentoring programs has greatly influenced me.”, Usually, this will make the introduction sound unnatural. (Stanford), As an Indian-American, I am forever bound to the hyphen. It can also effectively introduce the experience or topic you’ll be discussing. It won’t sound like. These sentences are weak and vague, and they’re also likely written by many college applicants every year. (Stanford), I change my name each time I place an order at Starbucks. Find a similarly unique or thought-provoking first sentence. This is true of the college essay in general, but it’s especially important for the introduction. Read over it multiple times, and have others check it multiple times as well. So while the college essay introduction is important, it shouldn’t take up the majority of your limited word count. Later in his college admissions essay introduction, Merchant also references “small, glossy, plastic tiles” thrown into a pile. Here are some sample grabbers from winning college essays: The first sentence can also be a question, but only if it’s particularly insightful or interesting, like this one: While traveling through the daily path of life, have you ever stumbled upon a hidden pocket of the universe? That’s the impact of a well-written grabber.

Even if what comes next is great, the negative first impression is hard to forget. However, this complex word usage was intended to illustrate Merchant’s point about his lifelong love of words. He also started with an intriguing grabber: “Biogeochemical. Here’s an excerpt from another winning college essay (written by Shaan Merchant for Tufts University): “Biogeochemical. Do not write, “In this essay, I will tell you about…” or feel the need to list each of the main points you’ll cover. College admissions essays are a vital part of your application.

Helen (essay, 2 page).


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